Being Fully Present at Wedding Ceremonies on Cape Cod

Being Present during Cape Cod Wedding CeremoniesMore and more entertainers, performers of all kinds, and singers, such as Adele are adamant about having audiences watch their performances and not engage their digital devices and begin recording.

With the advent of so many having phones with cameras, this trend is becoming the norm here on the Cape, and especially at weddings, where officiants are now quick to mention at the outset
of a ceremony to please, “turn off your phones, cameras, and digital devices.”  YES… cameras too!

Most wedding couples are leaning toward having their professional photographer and videographer being the only ones capturing their special moments, with their family and friends just chillin’, and simply witnessing their vows; not being focused on their devices. – TT

The Cape Club in Falmouth Puts Finishing Touches on Major Wedding-Friendly Upgrade

Had the wonderful pleasure of working with Ami Milano and Judy Fligg at The Cape Club Saturday.

Ami has to be one of the best wedding coordinators I’ve worked with in 35 years in the business.

Ami is/was incredibly graceful and calming toward the wedding couple and their guests during all of the typical pressured moments. She knows how to keep things on time, and worked hard to make this wedding fun and Stress-Free.

Judy recently joined the The Cape Club team and uses her experience and skills (as a florist assisting with weddings. Judy is amazingly detail-oriented and does not miss anything.

Couples who choose this wedding venue will be extremely happy to work with either of them.

The Cape Club is putting the finishing touches on a wedding-friendly major upgrade. -TT